Electrical Repairs


Electric Heater

Heater under the sofa in the front was not functioning. Turns out the wiring connection was lost due to melting a plastic wire tie.

This was an 'exciting' repair as it was still electrically hot despite being off until the correct breaker was found (and labeled!).


Batteries, Batteries, and more Batteries

The bus came with eight go cart batteries in the back and one in the front for the generator.

We removed and cleaned all of the batteries. We had to buy a home charger kit for the batteries.

The front generator battery got a shut off valve installed. Reconnected six batteries in the back.

After multiple issues with charging we replaced the six batteries in the back.

March 2016 new batteries not properly recharging. Rebuilt connectors. Investigating issues.

There will be more repairs to the connectors and possibly two more batteries returned to the back compartment.

October 2016 went to bus to work on system but all batteries dead. Bring generator battery home to charge.

The new inverter was removed and old inverter put in place. Opened inverter box to find blow-out.



incandescent, flourescent, LED

Most lighting has been fine so far. In one place we had to completely rewire the switches and light housings.

We will move toward more LED lighting but as this requires rewiring some bulb housings

&/or expensive bulbs (elevator) we want to get a feel for what lights we use.

Place LED elevator bulbs into locations of most use or most access (cool to touch around kids or good 'night light')

Sound & Entertainment: Has required some rewiring.

Phones: the bathroom phone is removed. Front and back phones are currently not operational...though do buzz with some button pressing.



CD Player

XBox 360 + Computer

TVs (luckily already flat panel)

We are taking out a lot of wiring that is excessive for our purposes to establish an entertainment system where the tvs run digital media.

We will have phones and tablets for portable entertainment that will need charge stations established.

Portable entertainment (picture to come of outdoor movie theater)