What works for us... (multiple adults, kids & dogs)

Living area:

Dog crates, desk &/or playpen in open space

Original two drawer side table was used as a toy chest on top and to hold seasonal items on bottom. (Mini Christmas tree with tiny ornaments & wreath)

BUT the cabinet was inefficient and removed. Now there are games and art supplies in bin above dinette and sofa. A small basket of outdoor items like chalk, bubbles and hammock. And a storage cube/stool/seat with toys.

Examples of good travel items for kids include:

Special mess free makers

Paint with water

Folders & clipboards for worksheets

Book on US states with maps

Letterboxing/Geocaching kit with notebook, pen & micro capsules

Book of birds with call sounds & Bluebird finger puppet

Binoculars, magnifying glass, compass


Small doll house and toy cars

Side table drawer for pull out sofa bed linens

'Junk drawer' for batteries, bulbs & extra screws


Four drawers for clothes

Three small drawers for socks and shoes

Narrow hanging cabinet for either hanging laundry hamper

Narrow tilt out cubbies for WHAT?!?!?! 6 on one side, 4 on the other

Secret storage for unknown at this point.

I have found that small child suitcases fit well either on the side of the bed or stacked in the storage closet.

Bathroom & First Aid:

Behind mirror cabinet, small drawer

Cubby for diapers, wipes and TP

Shower caddy for soaps

First Aid box stored in kitchen


Built in blender, stove, range and convection microwave

Utensil drawer and cooking tool drawer

Drawers for dishes, paper products, dish towels, etc

Upper cabinets for sharp objects

Under sink holds small trash/recycle, bug sprays, cleaners, fire extinguisher, etc.

Cabinet over fridge holds lap tray

Travel with rice/slow cooker in microwave

Large drawer holds dog food, treats, water, bowls & leashes.

Under dinette drawer for water bottles and extra supplies


Sliding pantry (canister size matters)

Canister for rarely used condiments in small packets

Cabinet for cereal/snack bins

Drawers for cookies & crackers

Fresh fruits sit out on counter

Smores kit (bin with crackers, marshmallows and chocolate plus skewers.)


flat panel tvs

digital media storage (xbox 360)

cell phones & tablets or switch

books & maps


Bluebird special blue box and binders

Maps and travel information

Folder with checklists, contact information & guides


Bin for outdoor toys and supplies

Chairs, canopy, wagon

Scooters & skateboards (bikes go inside during travel)

Tools & misc supplies in slide out tool box

Buckets (sand, kitty litter, empty)