Cosmetic Repairs

The great cleanout: Inside, under and over


Original fabric. We covered with a queen mattress protector and sheet temporarily.

This gets pulled down with regular use so investigating options for a more fitted cover or getting reupholstered.

We like the navy blue as it matches our style and the dining booth cushions.


The blue carpet seen in other pictures is not the original blue carpet but is aged.

Vacuuming helped after the great clean out above but it is stained and makes the bus feel dark.

We are researching options that are easy to install and easy to keep clean but will maintain insulation and comfort.

*Update March 2016 removed blue carpet from floor. Carpet and pad came out rather easily. Soooo many staples took time to remove. Tricky getting under chairs (removed seatbelt covers).

*Update September 2016 Flooring almost complete. Need to seal a few edges still but it is fresh, bright and easier to clean.

Countertop: The kitchen counter is formica and in decent condition.

We feel the woodgrain counter, backsplash and cabinetry is overwhelming and dark.

We are researching options to replace or resurface the counter. Something cost effective and DIY.

We removed the keurig pot, there is a built in blender.

Stairwell: removed carpet, shopping options of black rubber or metal flashing.

Traced layout for lettering placement. Need to repair clear coat before putting on vinyl lettering.

September 2016 travels near tree. Will buff and wax soon...