First learned about the Bluebird Wanderlodge in September 2015

Spent a month researching, shopping and negotiating.

Acquired bus in October 2015

Cosmetic (see also organization)

    The great cleanout: Inside, under and over

    Stairwell: removed carpet, shopping options

    Flooring: Allegro Linen Luxury Vinyl Tile Planks from Floor & Decor.

    Countertop: shopping options

    The wall, The paint -- not-at-fault parking accident causing a 6' gouge through passenger lounge window and wall.   

    A water leak-- we thought it was at the accident, but it looks like it might be higher up.

Mechanical: Engines & Transmission and things like that

    Detroit Diesel 8v92    

        Alternator 3/20/16 (Delco Remy 8600310 24si  - 160A 12V J180 - From Freightliner Parts store for $130+Tax)

        Air Compressor

            Coolant hoses

            Oil hoses (leaking)

        Fuel leak

        Oil Change, Coolant Change

    Allison 741 Transmission

        Fluid leak from steel braided hoses

    Yanmar powered Kohler Generator

        Fuel Hose leaking

Pulled injectors and cleaned, replaced seals, copper spacers cleaned.  Engine runs much more smoothly.

    Fuel Level sender ( R8926 0-90 Ohms - $35.50) (Does not seem to fit quite right, may need to rotate the sender)

    Generator Belt

    Generator Water Pump

Tag axle wheel studs and nuts (April 2021)

  Right side: 

Stud Dorman 610-0174.10 from Amazon

Nuts E-5995-R equivalent WA07-6014 from 

  Left side:

Stud Dorman 610-0175.10 from Amazon

Nuts E-5995-L equivalent WA07-6015 from



        Electric Heater

Generator will start but does not produce power to hold open run relay.  Suspecting Brushes and Rings. (Sept 2023)


        Batteries, Batteries, and more Batteries (Energizer GC2's from Sam's Club)

        Battery Cables - Bolt down terminals, 2/0 wire

        Inverter (Heart Interface Mod-sine) (Removed)

        Inverter Charger Failure - Sterling Power ProCombi S - Internal Melt Down.  (removed)

            Was wired with DC through a diode, could not charge.

3000w AMPINVT Pure-sine added in place of Heart Interface (2022)

        Cleaned connections at both ends of starter wires, for great benefit.  Need to run new positive wire, as it is grossly underweight for all of the current to flow through.  Ground is both wired and ground strapped.


        3x Solar World SunModule SW270 Mono 270 Watt Panels, Silver Frame

            Midnite Classic 200

        2x Sharp Solar ND-123UJF 123 Watt Panels

            Xantrex C35


        XBox 360 + Computer (replaced with a NUC)

        Radio & CB (+12v and Ground were simply twisted onto live wires-- no splice connections, no electrical tape)


        incandescent, flourescent, LED

Bedroom Fluorescent bulb has failed-  Will be replaced with LEDs of some form.  The surround is VERY unfriendly to remove.

        Rear License Plate light: was inoperative.  Bulb was good.  Found rubbery mount was corroded, no conductivity from negative terminal to chassis ground.  Removed and replaced with "Optronics LP41CS" Chrome Stud-Mount License Light.  Units were identical, so I kept the painted top cover of the light housing, replaced the plastic-glass, base, and bulb holder.  Part was from O'Reilly's auto, carries 3 year warranty, and was less than $5.




    Life Support

        Nova Kool 9000 fridge: Cooling fan inoperative, replaced with identical 120mm (40CFM) computer fan.

                    This fridge runs on 110VAC or 12v or 24v DC.  My 110 outlet puts out 67VAC, so the breaker is off and that will be checked soon.  

                    The propane was capped off by previous owner.


    Small fresh water leak when system pressurized... this turned into a large leak at Lake Livingston State Park.  A plastic hose barb broke off of the fitting, screwed into copper pipe. Under the fridge. Plugged for now.   Repaired this at a later date, found similar under the kitchen sink, and repaired there as well.

    The great flood of camping trip Fall 2016.  Possibly the toilet didn't stop filling.  

    Fresh water tank filling (over a year before finding out how to fill...)  The darned sporlan valve is an issue.  Bypassed with manual ball valves, but hose connections are not great.

Cracked Elbow fitting by Water Heater.  What a PITA to get to.  It took the wife's skinny arms to pull the tank out to give access.

Cracked Tee fitting on Hot Water line under bathroom sink.  Had to remove cold water manifold to access Hot Water side.  This was resolved at Pine Mountain.

Cracked Elbow fitting on Hot Water line under the kitchen sink (Sept 2023).  Surprisingly easy to replace this one.


    Tires (Hankook AH12 12R22.5 on Drives and Tags)


    Cabinet pneumatic lifts & latches

    Moved bench seating/bed to accomodate dog crate

    Propane Automatic Shut-Off switch had no +12V from after-market wiring.  Added manual switch to 12V.

    Removed large mirror from door to bedroom. Had cut to fit broken mirror spot on back wall of bedroom. 

Coming Soon

    Air bags on Drives and Steers

    Rubber Brake Line replacements