1959 Bentley S2

SOLD! - As-is, Magnolia TX

This right-hand drive Bentley S2 comes from a family member's estate-- we have a title that can be transferred.

It was purchased in 1978 in Conroe, TX, and generally lived in a storage unit until around 2000. The previous owner lived in Willis, and the vehicle had at some point had UK registration (I think!)

In 2000, it was trailered to a British car shop on Airline in Houston, where it was made to run and be able to be driven. It was registered, but not really driven much. I was 17 at the time and got to drive it a few times, and it didn't give me problems. It seems like the oil pressure was running high, and without taking the engine all apart, there wasn't anything we were going to be able to do to figure that out. Around 2006 it was put into a climate controlled garage where it lived until this year. There are no spots on the floor from leaks-- and as far as I know it still has all of its fluids in it.

Over the years, the carpet has been moth-eaten, and the leather... is 63 years old and hasn't seen conditioner in the last 20. What's left will likely crack. The roof has scrabbly cracking paint. It's otherwise a two-tone green paint scheme. There are some rusty bits here and there, most notably just forward of the driver side rear wheel well.

I hooked up a battery charger and the radio worked, blinkers worked-- I wasn't going to try to start it.

I don't have a high price expectation. I really would rather see this go to someone who wants to restore it or use it for their own restoration project, or convert it to an EV, than to a scrapper who sent an automated offer price.

My understanding is this has the 6.2L V8, air condtioning, power windows. The odometer reads 02276 and is a 5 digit odometer.

email: to schedule viewing. Late evenings or Weekends are best for me.