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Miscellaneous Repairs

    Six new rear tires in February 2016
        Hankook AH12 12R22.5
    The best of the worst tires was put on the roof.

    We opened the doorknob casing to clean and check springs.
    Found this video useful: https://youtu.be/1dssh6fRzRg

Bench Seating at dining booth

    Changed the seating position to accommodate dog crate and car seats.
    Our cushions do not seem to be the proper size to make a fold out bed.
    Temporarily will make small bed that fits with car seats and reevaluate as children grow.

    This is a standard large wire dog crate.
    Be aware that our console table was built oversize so these dimensions may not fit other buses.

Oven and stovetop run on propane. Required rewiring the propane shutoff valve.

Other Misc:
    Cabinet pneumatic lifts & latches