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What works for us...

Living quarters:

Toy drawer (preschooler & toddler) on top
    Special mess free makers
    Paint with water
    Folders for worksheets
    Book on US states with maps
    Letterboxing/Geocaching kit with notebook, pen & micro capsules
    Book of birds with call sounds & Bluebird finger puppet

Seasonal items stored in bottom drawer
    Mini Christmas tree with tiny ornaments & wreath

Drawer for pull out sofa bed linens
Upper Cabinets for games and media

    Four drawers for clothes of four people.
    Three small drawers for socks and shoes
    Narrow hanging cabinet for either hanging laundry hamper
    Narrow tilt out cubbies for WHAT?!?!?! 6 on one side, 4 on the other
    Secret storage for unknown at this point.

Bathroom & First Aid:
    Behind mirror cabinet, small drawer
    Cubby for diapers, wipes and TP
    Shower caddy for soaps
    First Aid box stored elsewhere

    Built in blender
    Utensil drawer and cooking tool drawer
    Drawers for dishes, paper products, dish towels, etc
    Upper cabinets for sharp objects
    Cabinet over fridge perfect for hiding items from kids

    Love the sliding pantry but canister size matters
    Canister for rarely used condiments in small packets
    Smores kit (bin with crackers, marshmallows and chocolate)
    Staples: Peanut butter, baby puffs, sugar, pasta

    Bluebird special blue box and binders

    flat panel tvs
    digital media storage (xbox 360)
    cell phones & tablets

    Bin for outdoor toys and swimming supplies
    Chairs, canopy, wagon

Tools & misc supplies
    'Junk drawer' for batteries, bulbs & extra screws
    Slide out tool box