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Mechanical Repairs

Engines & Transmission
    Detroit Diesel 8v92    
        Air Compressor
            Coolant hoses
            Oil hoses (leaking) - Fixed by Midcoast Engine, Houston TX.
        Air Dryer - October 2018 - Replaced AD-2 cartridge.  New replacement sourced from Ebay cheap.
        Air Dryer - October 2019 - Purge Valve came disconnected, would not build pressure.  New bolt and back in business.  
        Fuel leak, Found and fixed by Prevost Houston.
        Oil Change, Coolant Change September 2016
    Allison 741 Transmission
        Fluid leak from steel braided hoses
    Yanmar powered Kohler Generator
        Fuel Hose leaking - Replaced, custom hoses from water separator to engine, and return line.
        Oil Change, Summer 2019.
Fuel sender: access location below bus floor in kitchen - Replaced November 2016.  egauges.com R8926 0-90 Ohms - $35.50
    Wheel End Passenger Drive Axle determined cracked - October 2019 - thought I'd be replacing an axle seal, but the seals were fine.  Thoroughly cleaned and filled with epoxy into the hairline crack (corner of the hub) and brake drum re-installed.  

    Generator belt September 2016

July 5 2020, 2:30 AM - Unplanned Generator Outage.  Awoke in the morning to find the water pump seized, generator shut-down in overheat condition.  Engine is #00118, Yanmar 4TN82E-UK.  Closest water pump cross I could get was off a John Deere 675B skid-steer loader.  
    John Deere parts
    AM878201 WATER PUMP 
     M801272 hose from pump to thermostat housing
Instead of the JD hose, I picked up a Gates 18320 Hose ($12.99 at O'Reilly's) and cut it to fit-- it's got a tight bend that 3/8 heater hose won't do.
The Water Pump was a eBay clone for $75 shipped. but it came with the Yanmar part number 129002-42004 taped to it's box and the gasket too.

I'm not sure how full the system is... the hose to the top of the radiator is mighty soft and squishy.  Generally not thrilled by how the cooling loop is laid out, but it should work for now.  I will be checking level next few times I run it to hopefully burp the air out.

The foam sound/heat insulation in the generator bay was crispy and failing.  This will be replaced with fiberglass duct board, or maybe some Roxul foil faced mineral wool board.  I'll also need to get the fans above the generator functioning again.